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Special probe Type «D» with socket for hardness tester TKM‑359CE

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Manufacturer: НПП "Машпроект"
Garanty: 1 year
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Special probe Type “D” with socket is a replaceable probe for Leeb Hardness tester TKM‑359CE.

The probe with socket is purposed to solve main problems of hardness control of metals and alloys.

Probe Type “D” with socket allows the user to replace the cable if necessary.

The Probe Type «D» is used for hardness testing:

  • All basic types of metals and alloys without additional calibrations (structural, tool, corrosion-proof, heat-proof, non-corrosive steels and alloys as well as alloys of nonferrous metals, castiron, aluminium, bronze, brass);
  • Items with surface hardening and high frequency current hardening;
  • Items of complicated configuration;
  • Heavy and big items with rough surface.

Advantages of Leeb probe

  • Hardness measurement in hard-to-reach areas.
  • The spatial position of the probe does not affect the measurement result.
  • The robust housing is not subject to mechanical stress.
  • Long service life.

Probes characteristics

Photo Probe Type Weight/thickness/
surface roughness
of the article
under check


Probe Type-D with socket for Hardness tester TKM‑359CE «D» 3 kg/6 mm/Ra 3,2 138/21 mm Solving of main hardness testing tasks with surface roughness less than 3.2 Ra
«E» 3 kg/6 mm/Ra 3,2 138/21 mm
Probe with polycrystalline indenter made of cubic boron nitride to test materials with high hardness
Динамический датчик тип “G” для твердомера ТКМ-359 «G» 6 kg/55 mm/Ra 7,6 200/29 mm Hardness testing of high structure inhomogeneity items with surface roughness more than 7.2 Ra

ATTENTION! Probe should be adjusted to the electronic unit by the manufacturer.

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