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UCI Hardness tester TKM‑459CE

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Portable high precision hardness tester TKM-459CE intended for quick measuring of metal items hardness in laboratorial, manufacturing and field conditions.

The device performs non-destructive quality control of products in metallurgy, mechanical engineering, aircraft construction, shipbuilding, nuclear industry, oil and gas industry.

The hardness tester is intended to be used for hardness measurement of carbon construction steels in basic hardness scales — Brinell (HB), Rockwell (HRC), Vickers (HV).

Hardness tester functions by UCI method (Ultrasonic Contact Impedance).

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TKM-459CE controls hardness of following:

– Carbonaceous and structural steels
– Items with surface-hardened layers such as cementation, nitride hardening, high frequency current hardening
– Heat-proof, corrosion-proof, non-corrosive steels
– Plated coating (chrome), overlaying
– Items of complicated configuration

Exploitation advantages

  • Stable readings independent from force and time of pressing.
  • Easy measuring in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Ultra-small control area (from 1 mm).
  • Control in slots and blind holes from 5 mm (not provided by rival devices).
  • Invisible print on mirror-surface.
  • Low sensitivity to the curvative of surface, thickness and weight of product.

Features of TKM-459CE

  • Impact-, dust- and water- proof housing.
  • Bright color display allows working at below zero temperature and stays bright at any lighting.
  • Signalization of exceeding of prescribed readings threshold.
  • Unique system of statistic data processing and averaging of readings.
  • Fast adjustment of readings and programming of additional calibrations to basic scales by 2 or less standard blocks.
  • Flexible device memory for recording of readings and their analysis.
  • Programming of additional scales calibrations by 2 or less standard test blocks.
  • Fast programming of additional scales by 2 to 10 standard test blocks.

Probes characteristics

Photo Probe Type/Load Weight/thickness/
surface roughness
of the article
under check


Probe Type-A-H-C for UCI hardness tester TKM-459CE «А»
50H/5 kg
1 kg/3 mm/Ra 1,6 145/26 mm Solving of main hardness testing tasks
10H/1 kg
1 kg/2 mm/Ra 0,8 145/26 mm Hardness testing of electroplated coating (chrome, copper, nickel, zinc, tin), thinwalled and small-sized items
100H/10 kg
1 kg/4 mm/Ra 3,2 145/26 mm Hardness testing of items with unprepared surface, large items and heavy-duty equipment
Special probe Type-K for hardness tester TKM-459CE «К»
50H/5 kg
1 kg/3 mm/Ra 1,6 76/33 mm Hardness testing of inner surface of tubes, tanks and other hard-to-reach areas
Special probe Type-AL for hardness tester TKM-459CE «AL»
50H/5 kg
1 kg/3 mm/Ra 1,6 190/26 mm Hardness testing in hard-to-reach areas as pinholes, grooves, in-between gear teeth zones (length of tip 65 mm)

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