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Mashproject LLC manufactures and supplies portable high-precision instruments for non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics of products made of metals and alloys. We are focused on hardness testers, flaw detectors, crack depth meters, and coercimeters.
More than 30 years experience
Own production facilities
Qualified personnel
Unique developments
Tech support up to 10 years
ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

Purpose of devices

Hardness control of metal products

Hardness control of metal products
Portable Hardness testers

Detection of defects on metal products

Detection of defects on metal products
Flaw detectors

Crack depth control

Crack depth control
Crack depth meters

Where do our devices work?

Production workshop

  • Operational control of finished products
  • Monitoring of equipment during operation
  • Quality control of welding


  • Defect search under the insulation layer without stripping
  • Damage depth assessment
  • Control of metal structures

NDT laboratory

  • Industrial testing of new equipment
  • Quality control of metal products, welded joints, mechanisms and units
  • Assessing the compliance of objects with technical standards

Quality control department

  • Quality control of products
  • Examination of rejected goods and defects of products
  • Assessing the compliance of products with standards

Supply Department

  • Quality control of supplied products
  • Assessing the compliance of products with standards
  • Claiming against suppliers for inadequate quality of products

Training laboratory

  • Studying of properties of metals and alloys
  • Carrying out experiments and researches
  • Gaining experience with non-destructive testing devices

Production process

1 Purchase of parts and incoming quality control

All the parts and components are supplied only from trusted suppliers. All incoming products are strictly inspected for compliance to relevant documents.

2 Assembling of electronic units and sensors

In the assembly shop, installation and soldering of electronic components, assembly of device housings and sensors are carried out. Each employee has the necessary qualifications and experience to work on their site.

3 Quality control of finished equipment

The quality management system (QMS) in relation to the production of devices and sensors for measurement, control and testing complies with the requirements of GOST R ISO 001-2015 (ISO 9001:2015).

4 Metrological adjustment or calibration

The devices, depending on the purpose, metrological adjustment or calibration.

Our metrologists in their own laboratory check the operation of each device, perform the necessary settings. Then the devices are metrological adjustment or calibrated in special accredited centers.

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Johan August Brinell
Johan August Brinell
He was a Swedish metallurgy engineer who in 1900 proposed a new method of hardness measurement. Brinell hardness test became the first widely used and standardized one.
Assistance in selecting a device meeting your technical requirements and suitable for your test objects
Providing information about the features of control methods
Service support in case of incorrect operation of our equipment
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Worldwide delivery

We supply testing equipment to customers in the USA, Germany, China, France, Italy, Turkey, Serbia, India, Malaysia and other countries and get only positive feedback.

Worldwide delivery