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Magnetic-eddy-current flaw detector VID-345

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Magnetic-eddy-current flaw detector VID-345 is intended for detecting cracks and measuring their depth (detecting stress- corrosive cracks in metal ferromagnetic constructions) even under layer of corrosion and/or protective coating.

Flaw detector enables to measure depth of corrosive damage as well as thickness of protective coating.

The device combines magnetic and eddy-current methods for flaws detection, which enables the user to control products with rough corroded surface and to measure through the layer of insulating coating of variable thickness without any additional readjustment.

Objects of control:

– pipes, pipelines,
– oil and gas pipelines,
– vessels, pressure vessels,
– objects of energy production,
– details of structures, machines and mechanisms.

Advantages of VID-345 flaw detector

  • Simultaneous identification and depth measurement of stress corrosion cracks, thickness of the insulating coating and/or corrosion.
  • Continuous monitoring of the thickness of insulating coating enables user to detect corrosion fissures.
  • Real-time adjustment of readings.
  • Adjustable threshold units for minimally detectable fracture depth and thickness of the insulating coating.
  • Intuitive interface.

Construction advantages

  • Capability to use additional changeable sensors.
  • Metallic housing of electronic unit for use in severe field conditions.
  • The contact surface of the sensors is made of abrasion resistant zirconium ceramics.
  • Signalization of the defect detection: lighting, audio signaling through loudspeakers or headphones.