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TES-364M thermoelectric flaw detector & thickness gauge

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Manufacturer: NPP Mashproject LLC
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TES-364M thermoelectric flaw detector & thickness gauge made by NPP Mashproject LLC is used for a non-destructive testing of the surface layer structure of products made of ferromagnetic and non-magnetic materials conducting electric current.

The minimum size of the controlled area starts from 0.5 mm! The measurement results do not depend on the product geometry. The test results are metrologically ensured unlike other thermoelectric devices.


– control of thickness of galvanic and chemical conductive coatings,

– control of thickness of hardened layers (aluminizing, etc.) of turbine blades,

– sorting and determining the material grade,

– determination of deoxidation degree of quenching baths.

Working principle:

The working principle of the device is based on measuring the thermo-EMF (TEMF), which occurs when the “hot” tip of the probe comes into contact with the surface of the product.

TEMF depends on the metallophysical state of the controlled area:

  • chemical composition (material grade),
  • structure (heat treatment),
  • thickness of hardened layers,
  • thickness of galvanic and chemical layers when there is a difference in thermoelectric properties of the coating and base material.

The functional relationship between TEMF and controlled technological parameter (TP) is determined by the operator with the use of reference blocks. The specified parameters and corresponding settings are recorded into the device memory and used during the measurements.

Structure TES-364M:

The device consists of an electronic block and a probe. An interactive user interface meets the generally accepted standards used in modern computation engineering.

The electronic block heats the “hot” tip of the probe, stabilizes the probe tip temperature, receives TEMF signal, converts TEMF signal into TP units in accordance with previously determined characteristics, displays the results, etc.

The probe structure:

  1. housing,
  2. “hot” tip (an insert made of hard wear-resistant material with TEMF value close to that of copper),
  3. “cold” contact (fixed on the controlled product outside the heating zone and serving for closing the measuring electric circuit),
  4. connection cable.

At the customer’s request, the delivery package may include additional probes.

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