MA-412MM Magnetic metal analyzer/coercive force meter - Mashproject LLC

MA-412MM Magnetic metal analyzer/coercive force meter

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Manufacturer: NPP Mashproject LLC
Garanty: 18 months
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MA-412MM magnetic metal analyzer made by NPP Mashproject LLC is developed for a non-destructive quality control of bulk heat treatment, surface hardening, and stressed state of parts and metal structures made of ferromagnetic materials.

MA-412MM magnetic metal analyzer (coercive force meter) can be used both in laboratory and workshop conditions.

The working principle of the magnetic analyzer is based on the analysis of the interaction of alternating magnetic field with a controlled part.

The QMS of Mashproject LLC complies with the requirements of GOST R ISO 001-2015 (ISO 9001:2015).


– quality control of heat treatment, thermomechanical and chemical heat treatment;
– local control of surface layers of ferromagnetic materials;
– measurement of bulk hardness, mechanical properties and structure of products;
– identification of a stressed state;
– sorting and determining the material grade.


  • High accuracy and stability of instrument readings due to low-frequency magnetization and demagnetization of the controlled product.
  • Automatic conversion of measured magnetic characteristics into the controlled parameter value (for example, into thickness in millimeters).
  • Compact, impact-resistant housing with a handle that can be fixed in different positions and used as a stand.
  • Possibility of equipping with probes of various sizes and configurations.
  • Shape of the replaceable electromagnet pole tips can be customized.

Controlled objects:

  • Crankshafts, gears, rolling mills, pipes.
  • Parts of machines and mechanisms.
  • Bridge structures.
  • Elements of the chassis of tracked vehicles.

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