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Magnetic particle inspection (MPI) testing yoke EMA-100 (AC)

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Manufacturer: NPP Mashproject LLC
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The AC electromagnetic yoke EMA-100 is suitable for magnetic particle inspection to detect surface and subsurface defects such as cracks, hair lines and tears of base material as well as incomplete fusion of welded joints.

Suitable for test objects made of ferromagnetic materials with a relative magnetic permeability of at least 40.

The yoke can be used for quality control of products in aviation, automotive, railway, oil and gas, power generation and other industries.

Advantages of testing yoke EMA-100

  • The dust and moisture-proof case are designed for reliable and safe work in demands of field inspection
  • The connector of power cable ensures tightness, facilitates the operation and transportation of the equipment
  • The adjustable articulated arm of the yoke provides efficient operation on the parts of any configuration and orientation
  • The magnetization of entire product or its individual section is possible to test various objects and welds

Objects of control:

  • Welds
  • Parts of machines and mechanisms
  • Cast parts
  • Building metal structures
  • Pipelines
  • Rolled metal
  • Castings

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