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Charger for TKM series C hardness testers

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Technical specifications
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The charger is designed to charge the built-in battery for Leeb Hardness testers TKM-359C and UCI Hardness testers TKM-459C.

The charger is connected to the electronic unit via a USB connector via a connecting cable, which is located on the end wall of the hardness tester. The power is supplied from a 220V network.

Battery status monitoring and charging

The TKM series C hardness testers constantly monitor the state of charge of the battery. The current battery charge is displayed on the display of the electronic unit in measurement mode.

When the critical discharge value is reached, a flashing image of the battery will appear on the display, a beep will sound and the hardness tester will turn off.

During charging, the battery image will fill up periodically in measurement mode. After the battery is fully charged, the image of the battery will stop flashing. Full charge time is ≈ 6 hours.


  • To save additional battery power, you can adjust the settings of the backlight mode of the device display: with the backlight on, the hardness tester works for up to 20 hours, with the backlight off – up to 48 hours.
  • Do not leave the device unattended during charging.
  • It is not allowed to use chargers that are not approved by the manufacturer.

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