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Leeb Hardness tester TKM‑359CE

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Technical specifications
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Portable high precision hardness tester TKM‑359CE intended for quick measuring of metal items in laboratorial, manufacturing and field conditions.
Device is intended for non-destructive testing of production quality in metallurgy, mechanical engineering, aircraft, shipbuilding, atomic industry, oil and gas industry.

Hardness tester functions by Leeb method.

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Leeb Hardness tester TKM-359CE controls hardness of following:

  • All basic types of metals and alloys without additional calibrations (structural, tool, corrosion-proof, heat-proof, non-corrosive steels and alloys as well as alloys of nonferrous metals, castiron, aluminium, bronze, brass);
  • Items with surface hardening and high frequency current hardening;
  • Items of complicated configuration;
  • Heavy and big items with rough surface.

Exploitation advantages

– Wide range of controlled metals and alloys.

– Low sensitivity to the curvative and roughness of surface.

– Monitoring of hardness change along the surface.

– Stable measurements independent from force and time of pressing the probe to the surface.

– Possibility of material identification in blank production.

– Control of “volumetric” hardness.

Features of TKM-359CE

  • Impact-, dust- and water- proof housing.
  • Bright color display allows working at below zero temperature and stays bright at any lighting.
  • Signalization of exceeding of prescribed readings threshold.
  • Unique system of statistic data processing and averaging of readings.
  • Fast adjustment of readings and programming of additional calibrations to basic scales by 2 or less standard blocks.
  • Flexible device memory for recording of readings and their analysis.
  • Programming of additional scales calibrations of hardness tester by 2 or less standard test blocks.
  • Fast programming of additional scales by 2 to 10 standard test blocks.

Probes characteristics

Photo Probe Type Weight/thickness/
surface roughness
of the article
under check


Probes Type-D/E for hardness tester TKM‑359CE «D» 3 kg/6 mm/Ra 3,2 138/21 mm Solving of main hardness testing tasks with surface roughness less than 3.2 Ra
«E» 3 kg/6 mm/Ra 3,2 138/21 mm Probe with polycrystalline indenter made of cubic boron nitride to test materials with high hardness
Special probe Type-G for hardness tester TKM-359CE «G» 8 kg/55 mm/Ra 7,6 200/29 mm Hardness testing of high structure inhomogeneity items with surface roughness more than 7.2 Ra

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