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Soft case and device arm cuff

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Soft case and device arm cuff is specially designed to protect the device when working in production or in the field. Prevents contamination and possible mechanical damage, increasing the service life of the hardness tester, flaw detector, or crack depth meter.

The case is designed exactly to fit the size of the device case that comes with the package.

In addition to the main protective function, there are various devices for the convenience of the operator:

  1. Cuff for fixing the device on the arm;
  2. A strap for placing the device on the operator’s chest;
  3. Embedded magnets for fixing the device on a metal surface.

The main advantages of the product:

  • The dimensions are adjusted to a specific device.
  • The front part of the dense transparent film ensures convenient operation of the device.
  • Magnets on the reverse side allow you to magnetize the case with the device to the metal surface, thereby freeing the operator’s hands.
  • The cuff has wide elastic bands and Velcro straps for secure fixation of the case on the operator’s hand.
  • Special metal brackets are provided on the sides for attaching the belt to the carabiners.
  • All materials used in the case have high wear-resistant properties and are designed for long-term operation.

The case is included in the scope of delivery of the devices:

UCI Hardness testers TKM‑459CE

Leeb Hardness testers TKM‑359CE

Combined Hardness tester TKM‑459CE

Magnetic-eddy-current flaw detectors VID-345

Crack depth meter 281M electro potential

Additional equipment