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Suitcase for storage and transporting devices

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Technical specifications
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A specialized impact-resistant suitcase is designed for safe carrying and storage of devices and components manufactured by NPP Mashproekt LCC.

The suitcases are made of high-quality shockproof ABS plastic with IP67 protection class.
The rubber gasket and the tightly closing lid ensure absolute tightness and protection of the equipment from dust and moisture.

There is also a valve for regulating air access, which is necessary in case of temperature fluctuations.

The inner filling of the suitcase:

  • The bed is made of high-quality foam rubber. For each set of equipment supplied by NPP Mashproekt, a separate bed has been developed to fit the dimensions of a specific device and components for reliable fixation of each element.
  • The top cover contains a foam seal tab for additional protection of the contents of the suitcase.
    All materials used in the suitcase have high wear-resistant properties and are designed for long-term operation.

Advantages of using a suitcase

  • Convenient location of all components.
  • Impact resistance – protection against mechanical damage.
  • Absolute tightness – protection from dust and moisture.
  • The valve for regulating air access is a protection against temperature fluctuations.
  • Long service life.

Devices are supplied in the suitcase:

– UCI Hardness testers TKM-459C “Special”“Maximum”“Maximum+”, “Combi+”;

– Leeb Hardness testers TKM‑359CE “Special”“Maximum”;

– Magnetic-eddy-current flaw detectors VID-345 (Basic kit), VID-345 (GTU kit)
– Magnetic particle inspection testing yokes EMA-100, EMA-200

Additional equipment