Sample of crack KO-345 (1,8-2 mm) - Mashproject LLC

Sample of crack KO-345 (1,8-2 mm)

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Manufacturer: NPP Mashproject LLC
Technical specifications
Delivery set

Sample of crack KO-345 is designed to test the operability of the Flaw detector VID-345 and the Crack depth meter 281M.

The sample is made of structural carbon steel grade No. 20.

Before each use of the device for measuring the depth of cracks on the product, it is necessary to check its operation on a control sample.

The main characteristics of KO-345:

  • A crack with a depth range of 1.8 – 2 mm was simulated on the sample.
  • KO-345 is included in the basic delivery set of the Flaw detector VID-345.

Additional equipment