Special probe Type «AL» for UCI hardness tester TKM-459CE - Mashproject LLC

Special probe Type «AL» for UCI hardness tester TKM-459CE

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Manufacturer: NPP Mashproject LLC
Technical specifications
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Special probe Type «AL» for UCI hardness tester TKM-459CE is an exclusive invention of Mashproject LLC and HAS NO comparable rivals!

The 65 mm long tip allows to measure hardness in hard-to-reach areas:
– in small diameter holes up to 62 mm deep,
– between the teeth of the gears,
– in grooves, recesses, etc.

UCI Probe Type «AL» is purposed for hardness measurement of following:

  • Carbonaceous and structural steels;
  • Items with surface-hardened layers such as cementation, nitride hardening, high frequency current hardening;
  • Heat-proof, corrosion-proof, non-corrosive steels;
  • Plated coating (chrome), overlaying;
  • Items of complicated configuration.


  • Stable readings independent from force and time of pressing.
  • Easy measuring in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Ultra-small control area (from 1 mm).
  • Control in slots and blind holes from 5 mm (not provided by rival devices).
  • Invisible print on mirror-surface.
  • Low sensitivity to the curvative of surface, thickness and weight of product.

Probes characteristics for UCI hardness tester TKM-459CE

Photo Probe Type/Load Weight/thickness/
surface roughness
of the article
under check


Probe Type-A-H-C for UCI hardness tester TKM-459CE-Mashproject LLC «А»
50H/5 kg
1 kg/3 mm/Ra 1,6 145/26 mm Solving of main hardness testing tasks
10H/1 kg
1 kg/2 mm/Ra 0,8 145/26 mm Hardness testing of electroplated coating (chrome, copper, nickel, zinc, tin), thinwalled and small-sized items
100H/10 kg
1 kg/4 mm/Ra 3,2 145/26 mm Hardness testing of items with unprepared surface, large items and heavy-duty equipment
Special probe Type-K-UCI hardness tester TKM-459CE- Mashproject LLC «К»
50H/5 kg
1 kg/3 mm/Ra 1,6 76/33 mm Hardness testing of inner surface of tubes, tanks and other hard-to-reach areas
Special UCI probe Type-AL for hardness tester TKM-459CE-NPP Mashproject LCC «AL»
50H/5 kg
1 kg/3 mm/Ra 1,6 190/26 mm Hardness testing in hard-to-reach areas as pinholes, grooves, in-between gear teeth zones (length of tip 65 mm)

ATTENTION! There is a built-in Lemo plug-in in the probe. Connection cable is sold separately.

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